Saturday, February 19, 2005

Stupid caps

The wife and I went to dinner tonight. It was not the fanciest restaurant in town, but even so, I was offended by the 19 males wearing their stupid caps while eating.
I guess a lot depends on how you were raised. Had I ever dared to sit down at our table wearing a cap, my Mother would have hit me up the side of the head with a plate. To sit down in a restaurant without removing my hat/cap would have me banned to the outhouse. In my time, gentlemen or any sort did not wear a hat while eating. Even the cowboys, in town on Saturday night for a decent meal and some fun, removed their stetsons when they came into the cafe (cowboys didn't eat in restaurants.) These were men who put on their stetson as soon as they got out of bed, and only took it off when they went to sleep, but they didn't wear it while eating in public.
I am retired from the US Navy. A naval person never wears a cover indoors except when in a duty status. Had I entered the wardroom of my ship and sat down to eat wearing my lid, the other officers would probably have thrown me overboard. It wasn't done!
So, when I see a man or boy sitting down to eat in public, wearing their stupid cap advertising fertilizer or tractors, I immediately think "stupid, red-neck, hill-billy, poor white trash." If this offends you, tough! I'm offended by your stupid cap.


JDPLVY said...

what if the cap said something else???

KD said...

Like this!