Saturday, February 05, 2005

Super Bowl Dumbness

There were articles in today's paper about football fans in Philadelphia who took out home equity loans or put their house up as collateral for loan to pay for a trip to the Super Bowl. The cost for a package trip was about $4,000. One guy needed that much. Another needed $8,000 for him and his wife. These people are out of their ever-loving, blue-eyed minds! Where are their priorities? First of all, there's no football game in the world worth that kind of money. Second, anyone who has to borrow money to go to the game has no business going. These people are all employed, but their credit cards are maxed out; they have no savings; they can't afford this, but they want to go to the game. So they are willing to take the chance (very slight) of losing their house to appease their desire to see the game. They are willing to pay the high interest on the loan. They are willing to go even further in debt for the short-term pleasure. The are also dumb!

I guess this is all part of the I want it now, instant gratification, to hell with tomorrow culture we have created.

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