Sunday, February 13, 2005

Writer's Block

I seldom suffer from writer's block. Usually if I sit down and start wrtiting something, it will flow. This past week has be the exception. It's not that I can't write, it is that I just have not been able to sit down and start. Guess there are two many things on my plate at the moment.

I have lots of work I should be doing. There is a novel still in need of more edit and revisions, and the semi-autobiographical history of early data processing that needs to be completed. There is also another small collection of newspaper columns and essays that is 99% ready to go to the printer, if I can just make up my mind to do it. I keep putting it off, not yet ready to take on the job of marketing it.

It must be because it is February, a really blah month. Thank God it only comes once per year.

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